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Discovering Your Why: Uncovering the Purpose that Drives Your Success


Join Shirley X Moore in "Discovering Your Why," a transformative virtual training designed for women entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to identify the deep purpose that anchors, encourages, drives, and sustains their work. This course is built on the powerful belief that "if your why doesn't make you cry, it's not big enough." What You Will Learn: - Finding Your Why: Explore and identify the core reason behind your efforts and ambitions. - Purpose and Passion: Understand how your unique purpose can drive sustained success. - Partnering with God: Learn how to collaborate with God to see your purpose come to life. Format: This virtual training is self-paced, allowing you to engage with the materials at your convenience. All resources are provided electronically for seamless access. Benefits: By the end of this class, you'll discover the profound "why" that motivates your work and life, learn how to anchor your actions in this purpose, and see how partnering with God can bring your purpose to fruition.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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