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helping you leave a


For your children and your children's children.

I'm Shirley X. Moore, Wife, Mompreneur, Pastor,  Facilitator and World Changer. 

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Well established businesses are the ones that survive the test of time. Use my FREE business launch sheet to make sure you're setting up your business to live well beyond you! 

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Here is Shirley.

Wife, Mompreneur, Pastor,  Facilitator and World Changer. 

There are many words one could use to describe Shirley X. Moore: bold, wise, loyal, and resourceful. Let’s not forget passionate, energetic, outspoken and hilarious. All can agree that Shirley’s drive has a whole lot of love in its center. Every day she gives her everything to make sure others don’t have to. That brings to mind yet another other word - tireless. If you’ve ever taken one of her entrepreneurial courses, you would know to add powerful choleric and popular sanguine to the list.



Areas of focus 
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  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Leadership 

  • Business development 

  • Interpreting 101

  • Language justice

Shirley works with you to develop a training that brings impact and transformation to your team or organization. 

Workshop Facilitation

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Leadership Coaching

Develop your leadership, management and organizational skills through one on one sessions with Shirley!

Leadership Coaching

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Business Coaching w/Technical Assistance

  • Have the idea?

  • Need the coaching?

  • AND, need help creating the systems?

With this service you get on-going support for two months which include 2- 1 hour 1:1 sessions and 1 hour per week of the team working directly on your business. 

Business Coaching w/Technical Assistance


Bring your vision to life with a 1-1 Strategy Session.